Early College or Dual Credit Program

Earn College Credit, While In High School

High school students enrolled in Hillsboro Online Academy can receive college credits for some of their high school courses through an "articulated credit" program at Portland Community College called PCC Dual Credit. By the time these students graduate from high school they already have a head start on post-secondary education at a cost far below regular college tuition prices, saving both time and money as they get started on their next steps.
Students can earn:

  • University Transfer credit that counts toward a Bachelor's degree in such subject areas as Literature, Writing, World Languages, History, Science and Mathematics, or
  • Credit in Career & Technical Education, Associate of Applied Science programs, such as Automotive Service Technology, Computer Applications Systems, Early Childhood Education, Welding, Construction and many more!

Two courses are said to be "articulated" when the high school course has the same content and outcomes as the college course. Although taught in the high school, the course materials, content and instructional quality are consistent with (or "articulated" with) courses offered by the community college. Because of that articulation, a student would be able, following high school graduation, to transition smoothly to the next level of college courses in the subject area.

Since PCC Dual Credit courses are the result of an alignment between high school and college courses requiring college level work, not all high school courses are eligible. 

Quick Facts

Currently there are 50 high schools participating within the Portland area. In 2010-11, the PCC Dual Credit program registered 4,042 students who earned 24,260 PCC credits.

As a student of the PCC Dual Credit program, students were not charged tuition or fees. This was a savings to the students (and their parents) of $1,843,760 in PCC tuition.

Enrollment Requirements:
Dual credit classes are regular PCC classes, but taught at high school by an approved high school instructor.

There is no tuition or fees associated with the dual credit program.
PCC credits are transferable to all public college/universities within the Oregon University System, and most other institutions outside the state. It is always important to check with the college or university you plan to attend to know how these credits will be applied. The credits you earn provide an advantage whether you use them at PCC, another college, or on your resume as you explore employment opportunities.