Graduation Information

Hillsboro School District Diploma Requirements

Essential Skills Graduation Requirement

 The state also requires that all students demonstrate that they are proficient in certain “essential skills”—skills that are deemed critical for future success – before they are awarded a diploma. Graduates must demonstrate their proficiency in the Essential Skills gradually as follows:

  • Read and comprehend a variety of text
  • Write clearly and accurately
  • Apply mathematics in a variety of settings 

Transcript Request

The below guidelines detail the transcript request process. Please fill out the request form.  You will receive an email confirmation when your transcript is ready for pick up or has been sent.

Requesting Transcript for Yourself
School transcripts are considered confidential information and can only be mailed, faxed, or picked up in person.

Requesting Transcript for Someone Else
If you are an individual requesting a transcript for another person who is over 18 years of age, we require written permission from the person in question prior to releasing any records. Parents also need written permission if their child is now over the age of 18.

Requesting Transcript Be Sent to a Third Party
If you are requesting the transcript and/or records to be sent directly to an educational institution for yourself or another person, we do not need prior written permission. Employment agencies may request graduation verification without prior permission. Other educational institutions may request transcripts and records without prior permission but must submit that request in writing. All other agencies such as military recruiters, lawyers, employers, must first send us written permission from the individual whose name appears on the records. We do not file, request, or use Social Security numbers for identification, and we request that you not include that information in your request for records.

The School to Career program facilitates career-related learning experiences for high school students and supports high school staff and career centers to guide their students to appropriate opportunities.  Since 1995, Hillsboro Chamber's School to Career program has been supporting local students by facilitating career days, career spotlight events, guest speakers, mock interviews, informational interviews, job shadows and internships.

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Local College Links

 U of O  1-800-232-3825 
OSU  1-800-291-4192 
Portland State  1-800-547-8887 
Western Oregon  1-877-877-1593 
Southern Oregon  1-800-482-7672 
OIT  1-800-422-2017 
Eastern  1-800-452-8639 
PCC  1-866-922-1010 
Willamette University  503-370-6300 
Linfield College  503-883-2200 
University of Portland  503-943-8000 
George Fox  1-800-765-4369 
Pacific University  1-800-677-6712 

Oregon Goes To College helps educators, students and families prepare for education after high school.  Click the logo above for more information!

SAT & ACT Testing

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SAT Dates

ACT Dates

October 1, 2016


September 10, 2016
November 5, 2016 October 22, 2016

December 3, 2016 December 10, 2016

January 21, 2017 February 11, 2017

May 6, 2017 April 8, 2017

June 3, 2017  June 10, 2017

HOA School ID #s

PLAN/ACT/SAT         380487
aka College Board #

 Hillsboro Online Academy  452 NE Third Avenue Hillsboro, Oregon  97124  Phone: 503-844-1050 Fax: 503-844-1051